Take Your Immune System to the Next Level

| by Dr. Lynda Torrey, under Wellness

Do you ever wonder why some people rarely seem to “catch” a cold or flu during this season or any other season, for that matter?  I know I do! 

Normally I do not succumb to the relatively mild mannered rhino virus or the nastier flu strains, however, approximately once every three to five years I will get a doozie of cold.  I also know that when this happens it is because I have not taken care of myself from a nutritional perspective; in my case, that normally means too much sugar.  I have a number of friends and associates that fit into the “rarely” category, so I think it would be beneficial to share some of the ways they maintain their health during this season as well as throughout the entire year.  After all, wellness is about lifestyle choices, isn’t it?

Establishing the proper pH (potential of Hydrogen), which is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity in a solution or in the body seems to be the key factor.  A slightly alkaline, 7.36 on the acid/alkaline scale is optimal.    The body is comprised of 70% water, the most abundant compound in the human body which is also slightly alkaline.  In a perfect world, we should be able to uptake water solely from natural food sources, however, it is very difficult to do when you look at over-farming of soil, pesticides and processed foods.  Our hydration levels are determined by the trace element and mineral content in our foods and therefore in our body.  If we are deplete in these nutrient factors, we will be dehydrated, which also equates to being acidic.  Once this happens, the body becomes auto-intoxicated, meaning that there is acid accumulation in the body and will interrupt cellular function and activities – literally life itself.  Poor elimination definitely has an effect on acidity in the body. Yeast and fungal overgrowth are indicators of blood toxicity.  The American diet is far too high in acid producing products like sugar, white flour and artificial sweeteners, which are extremely high in acidity.  We eat too many animal products and not enough alkaline producing foods like fresh vegetables.

When we have the appropriate pH balance, our immune system is supported.  Illness can only take place in an acidic environment.  Pathogens (bacteria and virus) are not able to survive in a healthy, alkaline environment.

So, what are some simple lifestyle changes that we can make to positively impact our pH balance as well as our immune systems?
•    Water uptake to hydrate, as well as flush the tissues and systems.  This also assists elimination.
•    It is important that we have the appropriate mineral content in our body, as it is these “gems” that attract and hold healthy moisture in the body.  If we drink more water  than our mineral reserve can hold, we instead flush the minerals from the body.  It is imperative that the two go hand in hand.
•    Exercise aerobically.    Aerobic means "with oxygen," and oxygen is used to generate ATP from glycogen and fats. The aerobic system is efficient when extracting energy from food molecules.
•    Create alkalinity in the body by eating and drinking fresh green vegetables and their juices at every meal and as healthier “snacks” throughout the day.
•    Detoxification also plays an important role and interestingly, can be achieved by increasing the items listed above: hydration, re-mineralization, and oxygenation.




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